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Our Mission Statement

To improve the lives of the children living on the Island of Roatan, Honduras
through education, healthcare, nutrition and enhanced living conditions.

Roatan Children's Fund is a public benefit non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, this organization will seek to advance education and provide relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged children living in Roatan, Honduras. Our support will help with various needs including schooling, transportation, uniforms, food, electricity, repairs, clothing and other necessary supplies. 100% of all monetary donations go directly to help support the children of Roatan. All administrative costs are paid by a private donor and all staff are volunteers. 

Schools or organizations with a focus on children under the age of 18 are eligible for our services under our program. Our primary empasis is on education, nutrition, and improving living conditions. Our goals for the Schools are to provide school supplies such as books, notebooks, pencils, computers, bi-lingual software, internet access, school uniforms and craft items. We also will strive to improve the physical structures of the school facilities. 

Honduras is the poorest country in Central America. Of Honduras' total population, about 64.5%, live on $3 or less per day and of that total 42.4% live on $1 or less per day. On Roatan, as in many other Central American countries, there is a huge discrepancy in income with a few people living quite well and most living in extremely adverse conditions with no running water, sewer hookups, or cooking facilities. Since Roatan is a very small island with only a few large centers of population, it has been easy to locate children in need. 



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